Greetings wanderer and we bid you welcome to Exvius, a crystal guardian claim clique based from Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy series franchise. Your site holds a vulnerable crystal that needs to be protected from Dark Lord Veritas and the darkness as they lurk around everywhere in search to destroy all crystals. Summon your Final Fantasy character of your choice to become your ally to guard your crystal. This content was originally started by Evey and we wanted to continue this trend because who doesn't love cliques and pixels/sprites?


Please read the rules carefully before applying to ensure your application will go through smoothly. If you would like to update/delete your information, you can do so here. Should there be any confusion or questions you'd like to ask or clarify, you can reach us through the contact form. Please be mindful that rules may subject to change without any notice.

General Guidelines

  1. One character, per website only.
    You can summon as much guardians to protect your sites as you want, but only one ally can watch a crystal per site.

  2. You will need your own site to link us back.
    The domain/subdomain must be yours as long as it's not hiatus, upcoming, dead, hacks, hate or adult. No social network sites like Facebook or Twitter.

  3. Please specify what version of the character you'd like to pick.
    Download the specific sprite that's available (not shaded in gray) on this list here. Hover onto the icon to see if there's a certain version of it in parenthesis, then choose the designated icon on the dropdown list provided in the form. Please upload it to your own server upon joining. Here's an example if an ally is AVAILABLE vs. UNAVAILABLE:

  4. You must have the code up at least a week upon acceptance.
    If we do not see the code up, we will not list you down. There will be a field on the join form for you to fill so it's easier for us to locate our code on your site. You are not required to have the code on every page.

  5. We do a monthly check whether the link to your site is still active and is linked properly to this clique.
    We will contact you if these requirements are not met. Otherwise, we will take you off the list if it's not fixed in 3 weeks and the character will become available for everyone again. You may, however, join again whenever you want as long as that character is available.

  6. You can change your summon anytime.
    You can change it as many times as you want as long as s/he is available. You can do so by using the update form.

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