It is our pleasure to welcome you to Invidia. This hub showcases various sites from our personal fandoms based on Square Enix's popular franchise Final Fantasy. Here you may find our complete and near complete but online tributes/fanlistings to subjects that we own. This collective is still growing as we speak, but please rest assure as there are many surprising projects that are currently being worked on and planned out. For the meantime, the sites that we do have up will surely keep you busy.

May 22, 2024
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       Invidia was founded in 2017 as a personal hub for all Final Fantasy subjects we own. Some fanlistings might have dedicated fan tributes attached to them for extended user experience. The name was named after the music from the fifteenth installment of Final Fantasy. It actually has no meaning to it, though it fits perfectly onto this collective.
       Naturally during a span of time, ones interest will change, and while viewing websites currently offered at this collective, you will probably notice that some sites may not be as updated as others. Whether the site be visibly active or not, we attempt to keep a standard to everything we have to offer.


A crystal guardian claim clique based from Square Enix's popular Final Fantasy series franchise. Your site holds a vulnerable crystal that needs to be protected from Dark Lord Veritas and the darkness as they lurk around everywhere in search to destroy all crystals. Summon your Final Fantasy character of your choice to become your ally to guard your crystal.

Exvius - Crystal Guardian Clique


This section holds all of our beloved babies together into one place, such as those current, those in revamp, collaborations, and so on. We hope that you'll find something here that you will be able to enjoy! The sites are sorted alphabetical order based on their series. Clicking on the image of the subject will lead you to that particular site.





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